Five Days Happy

embarrassed1 onion headHey there!!! I’m really happy right now because for the past five days, I’ve been ending the day with a smile. Okay, so I’ll start with Saturday which was just an ordinary, so-so day, but it was kinda nice since I went to this friend’s debut and I got to wear this dress I bought with my mom. ♥

This is the only picture I have from that night because I’m not very close with the people who went to the party so I didn’t really feel like taking pictures. Since it was a buffet too and not a course meal, there was no point in photographing the food too.

Anyway, that was only the beginning of what’s to come.

Sunday, I didn’t leave the house. Instead, I stayed at home to finish my lifedrw plate which was to draw 100 poses by focusing on the line of action and the fluidity of the motion. That night, I chatted with my college friends and we started ranting about stupid people on this “secret files” facebook page about our school where anonymous posters would have submissions regarding people, facilities, events, etc. It’s funny ’cause a lot of those who comment on them take the post too seriously and end up just being really dumb. pff1-onion-head It’s pretty hard to explain, but basically I laughed a lot. Our topic eventually drifted from the rants to just silly stuff like parody twitter accounts and the like. It was still funny.

Monday came and since I didn’t have school that day, I woke up late. I hardly did anything but chat with my friends online. I spent the night talking with my mom and watching Aoi Honoo.

Aoi Honoo is this Japanese tv series called Blue Blazes in English. It tells the story of Honoo Moyuru, a student at Osaka’s University of Arts, and the people around him. He wants to be an animator/mangaka (he can’t make up his mind). It’s super funny and stupid ’cause he’s so full of himself but at the same time, he’s not very skilled. The other characters are equally amusing. Some parts hit hard because they’re so true!! As someone studying animation in college, I can relate to a certain extent.

Tuesday, I went for one class in school which was Aniprin (Animation Principles). I thought we were going to submit our work from the previous week and immediately start on a new one. Thankfully, WE DIDN’T!! cheer2 onion head

That night, I went to have dinner with my cousins (there were 8 of us who went–not all could go though) including a cousin of ours who had just returned from the U.S.! It was a late-dinner kind of thing and we just talked ’til the store closed.

After I arrived home, I went to my mom’s room and told her about the dinner. We just talked the whole night. I even made her do the MBTI Personality Test because I was really curious. It was the test on 16Personalities and it’s incredibly accurate!! To cut it short, we slept at around 4am.

Today, Wednesday, we both woke up around 1pm and had a late lunch. We just continued our talk about personality types and people in general. I told her about the odd people in my school and those who aren’t “well-liked” by a lot. It wasn’t exactly gossiping or backstabbing but more of an analysis and observation. It was an interesting topic to think about.

Overall, I wasn’t very productive school-wise, but it was fulfilling.

I’m preparing myself for all the stress I feel like I’m going to receive in the next three days so having five happy days is an early reward. bye2 onion head

I can finally feel the weight of this college program and it’s not a good thing. Animating my stuff may be a little fulfilling, but it’s also stressful, scary, irritating, and difficult.



It’s been five days since my 19th birthday and a week since I celebrated it, but due to school work and stuff, I wasn’t able to write an entry about it. Now that I have the time, however, here it is!!cheer2 onion head

I had school last Saturday so unlike most of my friends who came from their homes, I went to the restaurant from school. It was exhausting to be honest, but I’m glad I pushed through with the idea of celebrating my birthday. cheer3 onion headIt was wonderful meeting all of my friends again especially since my birthday is the last in our monthly birthday get-togethers. The next time we’ll meet as a whole group again will most likely be during Christmas. Until then, we’ll just have to keep in touch online, haha.

Anyway, being 18 just breezed past super quickly. I didn’t feel it as much as I thought I would. Even though I’m another year older, I don’t feel like it. Nothing much has changed about me or my friends, so that’s a good thing. I hope it’ll stay this way ’til we’re old and working and stuff like.

Oh, by the way, here’s a back story about that picture of me in a hate with an apple and a peeler: my friend gave them to me along with a pack of cross stitching materials to emphasize how “old” I was compared to the rest of them. It’s pretty funny, actually, when I received the paper bag and saw the contents. It was not until I read the note that I realized what they all meant. I mean, seriously, the apple was /super/ out of place.

Speaking of gifts, I also received a really pretty necklace and a Strawberry-Champagne perfume bottle. Receiving them made me feel girly and grown-up in a good way, hahaha. Well for a more useful and hobby-related thing, another friend gave me an A3 sketchpad from Typo and a witty birthday card that read “60% effort was made when buying this birthday card”. I’m really happy about the sketchpad especially because the A3 size is hard to come by and I need one for a class of mine (animal anatomy aka NATSC2A). Some of my classmates actually had to compromise and buy a sketchpad of a slightly smaller/bigger size, so having the exact requirement made me feel great. shy onion head

That’s it for my birthday.

I’ll write another one for stuff related to other events/happenings.


A Little Piece of Me

I feel like everyone has this thing that haunts them, whether it’s an embarrassing experience, an argument, a childhood trauma, or even a feeling. They’re like our “inner-demons”.

Before I talk more about this, I’ll explain a few things. There’s a webcomic I read called Ava’s Demon and it’s amazing. The art especially is beautiful! Last week, I decided that it would be interesting to create my own. All demons in the Ava’s Demon universe so far has names based on the 7 deadly sins. They’re also anagrams of the sin they correspond to such as Tuls for Lust and Nevy for Envy. I even read up online about different things in order to conceptualize this character. Eventually, I became sort-of invested to it.embarrassed4 onion head

Having said that, my demon is a demon of despair. Despair is one of the 8 evil thoughts in Greek under the name Tristitia. It was omitted due to being combined with Acedia which is apathy in order to result in what we now call “Sloth”.  

Going back to the whole “haunting” thing, I feel like I’m haunted most by despair. There are nights when there’s a sudden emptiness in me that I can explain. I’m very negative in many ways, and everything’s just dark to me. I won’t really expound on this right now because tonight is not one of those sorrowful nights. I’m pretty happy today actually. Recently, I don’t get these sad nights anymore, so that’s good. 

With that as an inspiration, I created my demon. Her name is Drespia Morgana. Drespia is an anagram for Despair while Morgana is taken from Morganite, a gemstone which has a pinkish color. It’s known for its healing properties that can reduce stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, etc.

I feel like this gemstone is the complete opposite of despair because it “heals” it. As such, Drespia is covered in shattered pieces of morganite as a way to “cure” herself from the emptiness. She and her lifeform both have a fear of being alone, so they easily form a pact. By luring her lifeform into depression, she is reassured of never being alone. It’s just as the saying goes: “misery loves company”.

Nevertheless, they’re both trying to fill that emptiness and escape the feeling of despair.

It is represented by the color purple.

I’m super duper happy with the outcome because it’s my first try at this type of coloring style! Conceptualizing the character was so much fun too. ♥

After finishing this illustration, I found out that there was an Ava’s Demon contest ongoing at the time and it was on the day of the deadline! I, therefore, decided to enter this piece into the competition. 

The results came out and sadly, I didn’t win (I wanted the merchandise so bad depressed2 onion head  ). The person who won really made a beautiful illustration and concept, though, so she/he was deserving of the prize!

I’m contented with just entering the contest in the first place because it’s new to me. That’s a piece of self-esteem right there! cheer2 onion head

Anyway, I’m going now! Night! ♥


Yes, I’m Bitter

UGH. Hello! This post will be another one of my rants which means I’m just venting out my anger. In some way, I may be a bit irrational?? I don’t know.


Today I went to school in a good mood. I had just printed our group’s (beautiful!!!) poster for our World Literature project. After doing so, I headed to my Oral Communications (Oralcom) Lab class which is the counterpart of the Lecture class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It contains 30% of my overall oralcom grade, so naturally, I still cared a lot about my grade for this subject despite the inadequate professor. 

We had 3 speech tasks overall and she gave me 75-100-75 respectively. First of all, this was my first time ever getting a 75, so I //had// to question her. I think I did what she asked after all. For one of those, it was a “How-to” speech and she didn’t give us any guidelines/requirements/criteria/anything. She simply told us that any topic would do as long as it was a “how-to” speech. As such, I thought that maybe teaching people how to make essays seem longer by changing the font size of punctuation and all that would be pretty interesting. She gladly accepted the topic anyway, so I went with that. 

Today, she told me that she gave me a 75 because she DIDN’T LIKE MY TOPIC. She said that it promotes the idea of deceiving your professors and cheating. It irked me because she never said anything on the day we did that! I told her that if she didn’t like it, she should’ve said so and she should have also given us guidelines at least because it’s unfair that she’d just magically give us a grade without any basis.


She answered that she “trusted the class’s judgment”. UHMM HELLO???? That isn’t a reason to not have a basis for our grades. I mean, if she didn’t like my topic, I don’t care. She should judge my speech based on my delivery, eye-contact, posture, syntax, grammar, and all those important details. It’s very unjust of her to simply tell me it “promoted cheating so she didn’t like it”. 

For my other grade of 75, it was SUPPOSEDLY an extemporaneous speech. In reality, however, it was just her asking us to pick from a deck of Icebreaker cards and answer it. The question I got was what I would give up in order to get something done. I explained that in the case of homework and projects, I’d give up the time I use to watch movies because my routine is basically going home from school and watching an episode from a TV series or a movie. She even added her own question as to what movie I recently watched (which wasn’t even part of the card I got and I see no significance in answering it but I did). Anyway, I asked her why she gave me a 75 for that and she said “HMMMM….MAYBE IT WAS ALSO THE CONTENT” (referring to my previous speech on making essays look longer). ????????????? She wasn’t even sure of where she based my grade on so how could she do that. I even stayed beside her for a while asking her other things like where she based my grade and if her only problem was the content then how did that take a huge chunk of my score and SHE JUST BRUSHED ME OFF. 

I swear to God she does nothing every class time except for googling a powerpoint presentation and pretending she knew the content before she showed it to us. She hardly discusses properly and she gives vague activities with zero transparency!!!! 

She even tried to console me for the low grade by saying “it’s okay, it’s not only you who got it” and “It’s not that bad”

I don’t think knowing that others got a low grade would make me feel better. Also “not that bad” made me lose my chance of getting a 4.0 grade in the subject because the highest possible grade I can get now is a 95 and that’s within the 3.5 mark already (93-96). 


I’m extremely bitter about this. 

I sincerely do not wish her well. 




Oh Captain, My Captain

Oh, Captain, My Captain. 

It came as a shock to me that Robin Williams has died, because I grew up with many of his films like Aladdin and Jumanji. As such, I’ve done an illustration in his honor. sweetdrop onion headI wish I could’ve added more references to his other movies like perhaps a box of the Jumanji board game or the book featured in Dead Poets Society, but this was all I could do yesterday when the news came to me.



(click the image to be redirected to my Tumblr)

That’s the Genie in Mrs. Doubtfire’s attire–two of his most notable roles, in my opinion. 

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this blog entry for now since I’d rather put my rant on my school’s system in a different blog post instead. victory onion headBye bye!


Hooked on a Feeling

Hey there!! I watched Guardians of the Galaxy last week (idk why I didn’t blog about it in my previous post, but anyway, I’m writing it down now). It really blended the humor, drama and action. It’s like any other Marvel movie but at the same time it’s not because it gave off a different vibe.  Even with the comedy, it still managed to put in scenes which were heartfelt. serenade onion head

I’ve drawn some fan art for the movie over the week!

Since Zoe Saldana plays Gamora and is also the voice actress for Maria in The Book of Life, I drew Gamora in Maria’s clothes! ♥ (click on the images for bigger resolution/redirected to my tumblr)


I also made some practice sketches of Groot and Rocket because they are a couple of cutie pies! Seeing them makes me thing of the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. shy onion headeheheh. I’m super happy this one got notes on Tumblr. It received a lot more than my Gamora illustration even though the other one is colored and all.

Anyway, moving on, I went to my friend’s 18th birthday last night.


They are such precious little gems in my life. I’m so happy that I get to spend these occasions with them! Even without talking for months, we’re still close as ever. ♥ Also, I got to use my Instax with the pretty polka-dotted film my other friend gave me. Yay, yay, yay.

The pizza in that place was also pretty good. full onion headWe talked all night too. Pizza + friends = happy Ami.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

♪ Rainy days and Mondays always get me down ♪

















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The song Rainy Days and Mondays is a perfect fit for today’s weather. It’s a Monday and it was raining–really hard. We had PE in our main campus so naturally, we had to walk from our building to that. When we went there at 3pm, it was only drizzling. An hour later, however, while we were in the gym, we heard the loud downpour of the rain! After class, my friends and I fixed-up a bit in the locker room (since we were all sweaty and tired from PE) and decided to stop by the cafeteria. We stayed there for a while until we decided to head back to the SDA (school of design and arts which is the building for most of my classes) for our next class.

Unfortunately for us, the rain was already too strong. My umbrella wasn’t big enough to completely protect my bag and myself from the rain. My sketchpad got a little wet and the front of my bag was completely soaked! Not to mention that while walking on the streets, the flood had gone up already so when I stepped on the road, the flood water seeped into my rubber shoes!! depressed2 onion headIt felt really gross because even my socks were wet. Upon arriving to our classroom, many of us removed our shoes and socks because we were all victims to the sudden flood and rain. I even went to the bathroom and used the hand dryer to dry my socks.

UUUUUUGH. ;___; The weather sucks so bad.

It’s always either too hot or too rainy. Having a day with a perfect balance of sunshine and cool air is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully I got home early so I could take a shower. I also had dinner in front of the computer while I watched a few episodes of Detective Conan. ♥ I guess I could say that my night ended on a pretty good note. Hopefully it won’t rain as hard tomorrow! Goodnight. sleeping onion head