Hey there!! This is quite late, but I received our school’s art magazine last week and I’m really overwhelmed by the great artworks featured. Compared to the rest, mine looks sub-par; nevertheless, I am very happy to have been part of the contributors! Having my submission accepted is a great honor. ♥♥♥

The concept of this piece is Hypocrisy (obviously) and I’d like to talk more about it right now. Okay, so the idea came to me when I first read the short story called “The Lottery”. It’s basically a story set in this small village of some sort wherein they have this annual tradition of holding a lottery. At the beginning, everyone’s happy, carefree, as if it’s any regular lottery and the prize is a good thing. The author also writes that children were randomly picking stones and it’s not explained why. Later on when the protagonist gets chosen in the lottery, she suddenly yells and resists. Here, we see that the prize is actually more like a punishment. It’s revealed that the person who wins the lottery will get stoned to death.

It’s a reflection of hypocrisy because the woman had been going with the flow before she found out that she was the one drawn from the lottery. She, like many others, tried to fool herself and others into believing that the tradition was for the benefit of the rest of the village when in reality, she hated it as much as those who openly protest.

At present, many of us act like that. We fool ourselves into blending it with the crowd so we don’t have to be criticized. We play the role of a concerned person even when we don’t really care. We tell others that it’s okay or it’s not their fault when at the back of our minds, we know that it’s not okay and they had it coming.


In light of the new Noah film, I’ve encountered many articles criticizing it for being “Biblically inaccurate” and how they turned something Christian into something secular. Many of the Christians (I’m not generalizing everyone because some are pretty cool) I know have this “holier-than-you” kind of attitude. They don’t explicitly state it but it’s clear from their Facebook updates. Some people even went as far as to tell others not to see it or “warn” Christians when watching it. They make it sound as if this “blasphemous film” is the first of its kind. Just because this film had more modifications than others doesn’t make it worse. If they claim inaccuracy to be really wrong then let’s just condemn everything except the Bible itself because as far as I know, those children’s books with drawings of animals sticking out of the ark is also very inaccurate. It’s also a misconception that they went by pairs because the scripture states that clean animals were to go by groups of seven while only the unclean ones were in groups of two. The representation of the forbidden fruit as an apple is also wrong because no where in the Bible does it say that. However, it’s not like these same Christians bashing the Noah film for shaming God’s word hates on these other things. It’s so hypocritical to hate on one thing but not hate on the same other thing.

I think it’s up to the viewers on how they will take the movie, so rather than condemning the whole film and putting a caution sign all over its title, it’s better to just put a constructive criticism of it and just tell others to watch it with an open mind and judge it solely for being a film. I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know if its good or not, but if I do hate it, it’s going to be because of something dumb in the film not because it’s “inaccurate”. Disliking it is okay, but telling others to hate it too is not.

To end this, I’d like to say that all of the above is my personal opinion and if you do think the film is bad because it’s Biblically incorrect, then it’s up to you now. ( ‘ v ‘ ) I just don’t agree with that reasoning. This is a controversial thing, so it’s obviously debatable.


How I Met Disappointment

Three days ago, the HIMYM finale finally aired on TV. The long awaited ending to the wonderful nine year run is about to be shown. The footage filmed nine years ago was going to be revealed. There was so much excitement going on especially since they wrapped up all the other characters in the penultimate episode, “End of the Aisle”. This meant that the last episode would be dedicated all about Ted and the Mother! Great, right?

It should have been.

But no.

This is a story of how I met disappointment. (contains spoilers)

You see, readers, it’s not easy to go through the past few seasons where Ted finally gets closure on Robin and Robin and Barney’s relationship developed. Robin and Barney have been in a rough patch in season 5 but they still got together in season 7 again because neither of them ever stopped thinking about each other. In the same season, Ted confesses once more to Robin and this was how it went:

Ted: I think you know how you feel about me now and I don’t think time’s going to change that. Just tell me, do you love me?

Robin: No. (sobbing)

It was even confirmed that the reason why Ted and Robin didn’t work out was because Robin was in love with Barney. The creators even “confirmed” that they were supposed to be end game (but now we all know that was a lie).

Furthermore, Ted goes on to narrate how Robin becomes a successful news reporter who traveled around the world and despite this, she was never alone. Remember that? NEVER ALONE.

Looking at the finale, this was obviously not true. Robin was unhappy. She was a successful news reporter but she didn’t enjoy it anymore. She was stressed and alone. Just like in season 1 when she hadn’t been officially part of the gang, she owned a lot of dogs in her apartment without friends and that’s how they turned her into again.

If the kids knew about their Aunt Robin while future Ted was narrating all this, why didn’t they butt-in and ask “but Aunt Robin /was/ alone! She always comes over for the past years!”

Another major flaw in the finale was the episode in season 8 where Ted goes to the mother’s apartment and gives a speech on how he’s going to meet her in 45 days and how he wants to have more time with her because:

Ted: I love you. I’m always going to love you. To the end of my days, and beyond.

If this was past Ted, I’d understand the reasoning how “things change, people move on blah blah” but then this was a fictional encounter to show how future Ted will continue loving the Mother “to the end of [his] days and beyond”. Watching the finale, we all know that it’s not true because he “totally, totally, totally, [has] the hots for Aunt Robin”.

You guys may say that Ted will continue to love the Mother but he just goes back to Robin because loving is what people do best, but that doesn’t make sense at all. If this were the case, then both would be each other’s second choice and back-up plan only. It, therefore, won’t go well for future Robin and future Ted too.

Another thing I’d like to point out that was wrong in the finale was how they completely disregarded the mother of Barney’s child. I don’t think the woman would just simply hand over the kid to Barney and disappear into oblivion. The fact that Barney turned from a man willing to give up everything for the woman he loves (Robin) into the womanizing man he was before he fell in love with Robin without going through depression after their divorce simply baffles me too. Robin had her moment of sadness during that party where she tells Lily that it pains her to see her ex-husband flirting around but Barney never had that kind of scene. It’s just completely flawed.

A lot more things were wrong during this episode because nothing was explained fully well. We, as an audience, are basically forced to process each scene one after the other. Personally, I don’t like the ideas introduced in the finale but I would be able to accept it still and perhaps appreciate the ending if it was well executed.

People who defend the finale say that if it’s legendary, we have to “wait for it”. The thing is, however, is that it wasn’t legendary. What’s legendary is something where the characters become happy. What they became in the finale wasn’t a group of happy characters. Ted didn’t wait for something legendary with Robin either. He lets go of Robin completely in season 9. Robin asks him why she shouldn’t be with the guy who does everything for her (referring to Ted) and Ted answered with:

Ted: because I’m not that guy anymore.

He finally got the chance to meet the mother and love her. I believe that his love for the mother was genuine, but if he’s suddenly going to fall back to Robin then it would imply that there were unresolved feelings. It would make it seem like the mother only helped Ted forget Robin temporarily. The beautiful quotes made in the past seasons all mean less now. If he did fall in love with Robin again /after/ the mother’s death, then they should have at least showed a clip of it before jumping into the ending!

What doesn’t make sense even more is how the kids reacted. Sure, I’d understand if they want to support their dad to go out with Aunt Robin but that’s not how they’re supposed to say it. The way they said it was like they didn’t even care. They should’ve told him something like:

“It’s time, dad. You told us yourself. Loving is what we do best and it doesn’t have to make sense. Mom has been gone for 6 years now but that doesn’t mean you have to keep living in your past. We’re okay with it. Go get, Aunt Robin! We’re happy for you and wherever mom is right now, we think she wants you to be happy too.”

That way, it could have been more meaningful and less unsympathetic.

Overall, I just didn’t like the way it ended. The finale had its great moments, however, because I really liked the mother. Her character was instantly lovable.

Of course I know that the finale happened in the span of many years, but that doesn’t justify the fact that they’re not going to show vital points to support the sudden increase in plot twists. If they had time to give scenes to crack jokes or that unnecessarily long hi-five in the beginning, they should have made time for closure and resolutions. I believe that the plot for the last episode could have worked if they dedicated season 9 to it or make a final 10th season. I honestly still won’t be happy because I love the way the characters were  in the penultimate episode and to see them grow apart in the finale is sad. This, however, doesn’t mean that I’ll hate it because if it was executed properly one by one without leaving unanswered things in the end, I’d feel okay.

This show has been a very big part of me and I’m very attached to it. The characters are flawed but I love them and I think they deserve to get a happy ending. A happy ending not just for Ted and Robin but for everyone else. They may be happy individually at the end, but they are no longer the gang we all came to love throughout the series and that’s what hurts the most. HIMYM will truly be missed, but sadly I can no longer watch the past episodes anymore knowing how it’s going to end completely the opposite of what they (the characters) worked for.

And that, viewers, is the story of how I met disappointment.



Another Day Spent

After spending the whole day with my friends to film our short film about existentialism, I think I’m slightly drained physically and mentally. It’s a common occurrence over the past few days since I’ve been working on school work. Thankfully, I manage to balance my time with TV series and getting enough sleep too.cheer2 onion head

Our short film is centered on this girl who doesn’t find her life fulfilling. It’s in first person perspective and the video immediately starts at the point where she gets out of bed and heads outside the house to get hit by car willingly. Basically, she commits suicide and this continues for the next few scenes–all of which she tries to kill herself in different ways only to wake up on the same day without any bruises as if time had reset for her. At one of the later scenes, she wakes up frantic and brisk-walks toward the door. She bumps into her mom so due to the spur of the moment, she runs and locks herself in the bathroom. There, she cries her heart out as her mom talks to her from the other side. Afterwards, they reconcile and she’s seen having a great day. She spends it with her friends and just generally enjoys life. She writes in a notebook and goes to bed.

The next morning, she wakes up ecstatic to find out that it’s a brand new day. Thinking that she finally broke the chain and escaped the time loop she was in, she leaves the house happily. Unexpectedly, however, she gets hit but a car and the scene panes to black. A montage of scenes follow such as flowers and random passers-by in the street to emphasize life. The video will then cut to her room and focus on a paper on her wall. This is a page ripped from her notebook wherein she wrote something like “I want to live”. I don’t know how my friend’s going to edit the whole thing but this is basically the premise. I just spoiled it, but my blog is filled with spoilers anyway.

I’m glad with this day well spent! cheer1 onion head

Another thing I’m happy about is that the school’s head decided to hold a team-building event for the whole faculty and staff today and tomorrow. Two days without classes mean two days without potential homework and two days of more resting hours. I plan to go somewhere with my mom tomorrow. It’s rare that I go shopping with her.


In other news! I’ve been playing this game online called Spent.

You can play it here: http://playspent.org/playspent.html

In the game, you’re playing as an unemployed single parent with $1000 left and has to look for a job, pay rent, and other stuff. You’ll be given certain situations in which you’ll have to decide between given options. The goal is to make it through the month!  dead onion head

My best score so far is reaching $662 without any tabs to pay! My kid is very deprived of happiness, though. I even smashed his/her piggy bank for $15. Although with the $662, I can pay it back two-fold so that’s okay. innocent onion head

The game’s pretty enjoyable and it’s like a social-awareness thing too. It provides facts here and there about poverty so that helps!



Dancing Through Life

Recently, I’ve been off from blogging my life ’cause I’ve been dealing with life.

Since my last post in January, I’ve experienced plenty of highs and lows for the year 2014. Philosophy class has been more engaging and mind-boggling for that matter. History class went from giving really long essays to giving really difficult identification questions. To top it all off, it’s the last week of March and project deadlines are fast approaching. Now, I won’t go into detail with all these things because I’m past the stage of frustration. It’s all good now because I’m done doing my part for most of it. This Monday, my friends and I will be filming a short film about existentialism too. Hopefully, everything works out.

Setting aside all the weight of school work, I’ve also entered a brief period of existential crisis. Those were the dark days. I was mostly uninterested in anything and everything. Thankfully, I’ve decided to set aside that feeling for another time.


From my long absence in WordPress, I’ve started catching-up on several TV Series. For one, I’ve completed Sherlock season 3. It’s amazing as always! I felt that the antagonist was weak compared to Moriarty from seasons 1 and 2, but the surprising twists kept me on my seat. It’s outstanding as always and I can’t believe the next season will take years before being released. When it comes to Sherlock, however, I’m betting it’s worth the wait.

I completed Pushing Daisies too! This show is absolutely stunning from its set design to costumes to story to characters. It’s lovable and sweet in every way. The only thing that’s sad about it is that I can’t stomach the last episode being the last episode. There are so many things that need to be answered. It can’t just stop there. A revival is a must. It’s too good of a show to just get cancelled the way it did and it was a wrong decision for them to have axed it.

I’m currently watching this!! :) It’s a super cute tv series. ♥

Anyway, I’m currently updated in How I Met Your Mother. It’s coming to an end in two weeks! I still can’t swallow the fact that something I’ve been religiously following over the past few years is reaching its finale soon. This series has given plenty of food-for-thought, comedic relief, and just feelings in general.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten back to watching 2 Broke Girls and I also finished Awkward season 3. The teenage angst that’s encircling this show has reached the point of no return. It’s really cute and different from the others I’m watching, so why not? I’m just really curious as to whether the actress who plays Bailey will return for the 4th season because from what I’ve seen in the trailer, she isn’t. The news of new show-runners isn’t exactly good either because the story is now at its climax and if it decides to drop it down, it will be messy. Season 4 will be airing some time this April or May 2014 so everything will be cleared up soon.

With all these TV series I’ve been watching, there’s always room for more, right? Right. I’m watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well. For something that won an award just this year, it’s living up to its expectations. I’m very much enjoying the series and its characters.


Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t blogged about Wicked in Manila. A lot of things happened in February and Wicked is just one thing.

Last February 2, I went to watch the most extravagant stage adaptation of anything I’ve ever seen so far. Wicked exceeds all my expectations! It was wonderful. I think I speak for the vast majority when I say that the performance was breath-taking and it blew me away. The only thing that I didn’t appreciate as much was Fiyero and Elphaba ending up together in the end. It felt like a forced happy ending to me because it’s a big conflict to the original tale of the Scarecrow disliking the Wicked Witch of the West too. Anyway, here’s some pictures from that day! I specifically chose to wear red flats and striped socks in honor of the Nessarose. I also did a little nail art for the play. ♥

I just watched this yesterday (Feb 2 2014) with my relatives!! It was absolutely incredible! Everything from the stage design to the props to the costumes to the content was wonderful. ♥ The emerald seats were worth it. :) 

In addition to this amazing experience, I also made several Valentine’s Day cards for my friends. ♥ I also spent February 14 with some of my closest friends ever.

It’s been a very jam-packed start of the year for me, and I’m definitely expecting more to come! Instead of stressing over every little detail, I’ll be dancing through life.

Here’s another shameless promotion of my Tumblr account for more up-to-date blogging of my daily experiences through drawings and pictures, and of course, there’s always Twitter to see my thoughts scatter all over the place.


A Little Bit of Fun

Hey there! It’s been almost a week since my last post so as not to go back to hibernation, here’s a new one. cheer3 onion headThis weekend, I have been quite busy. In case I haven’t mentioned, my weekend right now as a college student is three days long. Friday->Saturday->Sunday. Oh, and since we didn’t have school on Thursday ’cause of a holiday, that makes it four days long this week.

I didn’t do much on Thursday. Actually, I woke up past noon already and later that night, I went to a dinner at a hotel restaurant.

On Friday, I decided to visit my friends in Ateneo so I could lend my usb to Kathleen and get Sherlock episodes from her. Being the dumb person that I am, I left my usb at home, so guess what? Yes. My purpose for going there just disappeared. It was wonderful seeing them again, though. I also sat in their EnLit class! It wasn’t part of my plan to do so, but with much persuasion, well, I ended in their classroom. waiting onion head It was a fun experience despite the class itself being boring.

That night, I also went to my dad’s annual get-together! Last year’s theme was cool ’cause it had a lot of props. This year, however, they toned down the extravagant ideas and went with something less pricey I suppose. Still, the place was super crowded and they had these strobe lights to give a “nightlife” feel since that was the theme of the party. It was without a doubt the type of atmosphere I wouldn’t like. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad as I expected, so I guess it’s fine, haha.

I was pretty much exhausted when I got home, and knowing that I had to wake up early again the following day (Saturday) made it worse. I went to Intramuros and visited two museums with my friends for our History class. It was blazing hot, but I enjoyed it! It was definitely a tiring yet fun day for me, thankfully! whistling onion head

Embedded image permalink

This makes me want to make an instagram. Should I? Hmmm….


Anyway, I rested this Sunday ’cause I needed it. I also finished the one minute video about my achievements for religion class! The prof told us to just simply make a presentation but for some reason, I wanted to try my hand at making videos. It’s done with Windows Movie Maker and I’m aware that the animation is super choppy. embarrassed1 onion head I’m happy with it, though. I even uploaded it on Youtube so I could show my friends. (shameless)

I also finished speed-painting stuff for History class ’cause have to make a presentation based on our museum trip and our group decided to draw some of the things we saw. I’m only posting one here because it’s okay. The other one’s not worth showing to the public hahaha! Here’s what is apparently a bone with a bullet wound from Rizal after his death. The original file size is bigger but I cropped it for blogging purposes.

That’s it for today! I’m going to start watching MLP:FiM season 4! ♥bye1 onion head


What is it to be is?

What is it to be is? Well, I’ll explain that later.

I’m back in school and so far, it’s pretty great.

I can’t believe I just said that.

Anyway, it was basically just full of introductions so the profs can get to know us better and for us to also know about our blockmates. It’s our first day to have a new set of blockmates because of the shuffle for the third term. The class was a little divided, but everyone seems to be nice. Two of my classes today struck me so that’s what I’ll be talking about in this blog entry. First is my freehand class which is also my first drawing-basics class! It’s a step toward my major subjects and my future career! Yay.♥ Our prof here was a really nice old grandpa. The atmosphere was warm and exciting too because I’ve never had a proper art class since grade school plus we got to have a cool teacher guiding us. embarrassed1 onion headThe first activity we did was to draw 18 squares approximately 2.5″x2.5″ and draw lines in them varying from horizontals, verticals, diagonals and also curves like semi-circles, circles, and ellipses. This was all done without a ruler so we had to just make do with trying to make nice lines in one stroke. Go figure! It was indeed a challenge, but it felt good.

Now going back to my first question and the title “What is it to be is?”, I’m going to talk about our Philosophy class. Woah right? No? Okay.

Our teacher here is a nice guy and he seems cool but there’s just something about his presence that’s really scary. It’s also probably the way he says things with a deadpan expression on his face.

Embedded image permalink

That’s him over there.

He made us write our answers on what we think the answer to the title question is on a 1/4 sheet of paper. Afterwards, he went on to ask more mind-boggling questions like “if you’ll die tomorrow, why not today?”. No matter what answer the class came up with, he continued to ask more. I came to the conclusion that he might be waiting for someone to question him back because he did mention earlier that he wanted us to ask questions. I just don’t know if this is included in that request. As always, however, I didn’t recite, haha. I’m not very good in communicating my ideas orally. beg onion headOverall, it was a fun class! Sure, my brain was goop by the end of it but it’s a new experience from someone coming from a closed-minded Christian school where the answer to everything is God. Now, as a believer of that faith, yes I also think God is the beginning and end of all things, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in knowing a bit from philosophy. There are two sides to a coin and this time, I’m seeing the other side.

Having said that, however, I think that it’s pretty useless as to why people question everything. Even if you believe in God or not, it’s obvious that there are still so many things unanswered ’til now despite the studies of philosophers from centuries ago. The same questions still exist today. Instead of stressing out on the answer to the universe and dying without having done anything, I think it’s better to just understand the things that are there and just live your life. Why do we have to even try to know where we came from in the first place?confused onion head That won’t change who we are right now. We’ve lived years without knowing so it shouldn’t be a big deal to continue living without ever finding out. This is just my two-cents to the topic. What’s done is done, right?

Anyway, I’m going to bed now while I still have my sanity. Good night! dreaming onion head


Stories Waiting

“Our lives are stories waiting to be told

In search for silver linings

We discover gold”

Lauren Aquilina -Sinners

Happy New Year!! cheer2 onion head

I’m terribly sorry for going on an indefinite hiatus. As part of my new year’s resolution, I’m trying to get back into blogging over here. Hopefully, I’ll stick to that.

Over the  Christmas break, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I also re-watched Breaking Bad with my mom. She loves it! angel2 onion head Speaking of movies, I have seen 74 films for the first time last 2013. This list excludes stuff I’ve seen over-and-over again like When Harry Met Sally because let’s face it, I love this very much. I’ll probably post it soon right after I transfer it from my phone–maybe on a new page. Speaking of which, I wrote a new movie review on The Notebook directed by Nick Cassavetes and based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. As much as I would love to say that it was a heartfelt chickflick, I can’t. The movie disappointed me on many levels. You can read my review here: THE NOTEBOOK It’s shorter compared to my other movie reviews because I only typed it from my phone out of boredom last Sunday. Anyway, it sums up what I think about it and I’m too lazy to revise.

On the brighter side of things, I got to watch the Godfather Trilogy and I must say that I LOVE THEM. The first movie is the best of course, but the two sequels aren’t bad. Part II was quite boring at some points probably because of being 3 and a half hours long; nevertheless, it was a journey. I love Michael Corleone’s character. His character development throughout the three films is amazing (my brain isn’t giving me better adjectives) and the way all the other characters tie to his story.

In other news, here’s some nail art I did for the season. ♥

I also drew a lot of things while I was away from WordPress like birthday cards for my friends and fan arts. They’re all posted in my Tumblr. victory onion head

I’ll end this post as it is ’cause I’m only starting to blog again. My classes start this Monday, January 6, so it’s going to be pretty hectic again soon, but I think I’ll manage. Bye bye!whip onion head