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Hey there! cheer2 onion headRecently, I’ve been watching this special effects make-up competition called Face Off. I love it so much because as an artist myself, I want to be able to conceptualize like them. Sometimes, I try to sketch out a few of my own ideas based on the challenge, but I’m still unable to draw creatures, so I just do the ones that can be pretty like pixies or half-human stuff.

I LOVE LAURA SO MUCH. I watched her on season 3 and she should’ve won!! Nicole was great toward the end, and I admit that I like her make-up in the finale the best, but overall, Laura did better in the whole season. She’s never been in the bottom and she won lots of the challenges. I’m so happy she got to win in season 5. hell yes onion headSpeaking of season 5, I love how Miranda improved a lot since her appearance in season 2. I was also rooting for her to be in the top 3. Roy and Tate deserve to be there too, tho!

Anyway, for my org in school, I designed a character based on my plane. The thing is, we are all segregated into 4 different groups which they call “planes” with each having one of the 4 elements: air, water, earth, fire. Based on this, there will be world building and some sort of role-play that’s going to happen. I’m from Aquilo which has air for its main element and the color yellow. Our head also wanted to incorporate a medieval-steampunk theme, so with that in mind, this was what I came up with:


Her name is Aderyn Rae which means “Bird Protector”. Her armor is fashioned to look like a long-tailed widowbird with bronze/copper gloves and boots. She has a feathery tail for aesthetic purposes (like a cape) and machine wings for a little more steampunk. I also added yellow eyeshadow to show that Aquilo color! She specializes in training birds especially carrier pigeons in preparation for the war.happy onion headI’m happy with how she turned out!

Also, I’m trying out a new art style that’s less time consuming, but still simple and pretty. ♥ With it, I’ve drawn two other things so far. This one is an animated blinking Lorna Morello from Orange is the New Black. I really love her back story as it was revealed in season 2. She’s a funny, lovable person and perhaps my favorite!

.GIF version of my Lorna Morello fan art :). She blinks! 

Also, I drew this one just today!!

I’m really proud of this ’cause I like the colors I used on her. The decision to add pattern to her dress also worked well. embarrassed4 onion headIt’s actually based on one of the drawings I had in my notebook ’cause I decided to take pictures of them and practice my new style by coloring those.


So far, I’m not as stressed as I was last term. I just had my midterm exams this week and they’re all okay. I feel great that I was able to do my speech for oral communication class without having a long, awkward pause in-between. I guess I’m slowly getting better at this whole public speaking thing ever since I got to college. It probably has something to do with my confidence too, so that’s a good thing. waiting onion head

That’s it, I guess? I’ll try to write more entries when I’m not binge-watching something in bed or drawing. Bye bye.



5 Traits I Personally Find Incredibly Wrong with Church

Rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

I originally typed this on notepad on my iphone during church and it ended up being 1000+ words long, so I decided to post it here without trying to sugarcoat it or anything. The purpose of this post is to vent off steam and write what I personally find wrong with church and not a formal article addressing the issue.

Anyway, this is a sort of a list/rant that I’ve compiled on 5 traits I find wrong about church based on my years of being a churchgoer. Even though I said “church”, I’m focusing more on the pastors because they usually create the mood in the whole congregation. I’ve been going to church regularly for over two years, and before then, I went to Sunday school semi-regularly for a couple of years. I also grew up in an Evangelical Christian school, so I’ve had my share of experience with different types of pastors. I’ve gone over this list many times every time I encountered someone who felt imposing about his/her beliefs, but during my recent Sunday experience, the pastor hit all the red flags, prompting me to write this immediately.

1.) Pretentious

There are certain pastors who assume responsibility for you and make you feel like you’ve wronged them if you were to make a mistake.

Recently, I’ve attended a service wherein the pastor talked about teenage girls who had relationships behind their parents’ back. He said that these girls were straying from the Lord and in result, got pregnant and now, it becomes a burden to their parents and to him as well because he is their pastor.

Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure the girl is well aware of the decisions she made and if she feels bad about them, you’re not supposed to add to that by telling her that she made you feel responsible for it as if she intentionally chose this to happen. It’s alright to reprimand her, but guilt-tripping won’t do any good.

Instead of acting pretentious, a better option is to give them space/time by themselves, and advice them properly when the time is right.

2.) Elitist
There is this certain pride that comes with some pastors. They feel like they are entitled to belittle those who do not share the same beliefs with them. What’s worse is that, sometimes, they make light of something which results in the congregation laughing along as if it’s okay.

An example of this would be when the pastor shared an experience of a girl who went to the beach, and upon arriving there under the blazing sun, she exclaimed that she was getting darker. He said the line while imitating the girl’s voice mockingly, and most of the congregation laughed with him.

I was shocked to see that kind of manner in a church. Here you have a girl who just didn’t want to get tanned, and you have a congregation belittling her for being shallow. How’s that for a church family? No thank you.

3.) Self-Privileged
These special privileges apply to the way pastors or other church members handpick the rules to impose on the rest of us. The exceptions are made to fit their chosen lifestyle of what they think is “morally good”.

There are many things prohibited by the Bible that stem from the old testament which are not being followed anymore. A thing like marrying someone from a different tribe or something along those lines is similar to an interracial or intercultural marriage today, but we don’t prohibit that do we?

It is fine to not approve of something personally, but don’t try to turn your own interpretation of the word into the law. Everyone is entitled to his/her own reading of the Bible, and although it may not be the correct one for you, unless the word explicitly states otherwise, it’s open for interpretation.

4.) Judgmental
Judging someone is common to all of us. We all have our first impressions of each other, but it crosses the line when you generalize a whole group of people based on one person you barely even know.
Our pastor shared a story on how most Chinese children are forced to study by their parents and that in turn, even though they don’t get to have as much fun as the others, at least they get the best grades. He said it in a way that’s basically like saying, “hey, at least you’re smarter than them”. It was like generalizing everyone who doesn’t study all the time as those with mediocre or average marks. I mean, some may excel and have a social life at the same time. Not everyone fails just because they don’t bury themselves in books and not everyone graduates with honors even when they do.

This story wasn’t even directly connected to the message, rather, it was only a poor attempt at a “modern example” of something. Stories that aid the message shouldn’t belittle others or put others above the rest because this creates a wall between the churchgoers and the non-churchgoers. Instead of a welcoming atmosphere, a community under this type of leader becomes an exclusive members-only club which is really not how you “make fishers of men”.

5.) The “Holier-than-thou” attitude
This last one is basically the umbrella of everything. Someone with a “holier-than-thou” attitude is commonly pretentious, elitist, self-privileged, and judgmental. They are self-righteous in many ways, yet insist to be labeled “sinners”. It’s a facade they put up, so they can seem humble to the mass.

Mockery is common because apparently, it’s funny when you mock the actions of people perceived as shallow by society. It all starts for fun and not to be taken seriously, but that grows into a bad habit when you’re a pastor and you know there are people looking up to you for wisdom and instead you pass on this type of mindset.

When you’re showing that it’s okay to make fun of people doing drugs and getting drunk, but God forbid you make fun of people for going to church. That’s double standards, and you’re definitely not holier than anyone.


Sprained and Frustrated–Among Other Things

Guess what? Basketball gave me another injury. I sprained the same finger I sprained twice before because of the same sport.

It doesn’t make me feel better that the teacher just laughed it off and told me, “It’ll heal in one week so you can play again next Monday!” It may be something small for him, but it definitely is something of great importance to me.

Just how many times should I injure the same finger before people realize that it /is/ a big deal???

I’m even more scared of going near the ball now than I was before. dead onion head

I also have a plate that’s due next week for my anatomy class (I need to draw a skull and maybe start on the next one with the torso)  and yet I can’t even hold a pencil properly!!

Anyway, hey guys. It’s been a while since I last blogged. I just need to vent out my frustrations on PE class because my Tumblr is less of a private thing than this one. Sure, this is public too and I don’t mind that, but my personal feelings and anger usually go here if not on Twitter. It’s my diary. waiting onion head

I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past two weeks ago and it was AMAZINGGGGGGGG. I love how it completely threw away the past X-Men films while still holding on to the timeline. It didn’t fix all the plot holes, but it did the best it could. Now, there’s a new timeline to fill up and I’m very excited for it! I can’t wait for X-Men: Apocalypse!!! embarrassed1 onion head James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender make a really good pair just like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Everyone else played their parts great too! No action was unnecessary to the story. Everything had a purpose and they all tied up well. ♥♥♥ Incredibly happy for the franchise!

What’s not so great, sadly, is Maleficent. I watched it just this weekend and I was very disappointed. Prince Phillip was a useless character and did not even battle the dragon! I mean, that was a big, memorable part of the original Disney film and they just completely changed that. His meeting with Aurora was also downgraded from “love-at-first sight plus dance sequence to Once Upon a Dream ” to “we bumped into each other in the woods and fell in love”.

I also don’t see the point of renaming the three fairies and killing off the queen.

What really disappointed me, however, was Maleficent’s character. nonono onion headI mean, Angelina Jolie was great in acting out her role, but that was if Maleficent was just an ordinary,kindhearted fairy who just got mad for a while and did something she would regret (aka cursing Aurora). Maleficent is supposed to be evil!! I thought that this movie would be a back-story on how Maleficent became the evil villain that she was in Sleeping Beauty or like what Wicked did for Wizard of Oz, but NO. It changed everything and kept only half the names of the characters.

This shouldn’t have been entitled Maleficent because it’s disrespectful to the classic. It, instead, should have been renamed something else like what Snow White and the Huntsman did with Snow White. It shouldn’t have been marketed the way it was too.

As motherly and a little feminist it was, the movie just felt flat and too forced to be anything great. I can understand why some people may like it, but just because people like it doesn’t mean it’s good. Commercially successful =/= Critically successful.

I should try collecting my thoughts on this and try to write a spoiler-free review.

Also, I’ve  been doing some thinking about what I could make my thesis about and I think I have some idea about it. ♥

I’m off to bed!





Japan 2014

I’m back from Japan! Once again, it was a wonderful trip with just my mom and I. ♥ We went around the city parts of the country like Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya and Yokohama. Surprisingly, we never really got down to Tokyo station even though we went to the other areas around it.

The first picture here is Harajuku station. I don’t have a nice picture of Akihabara, sadly. Anyway, Harajuku was a cute place but it wasn’t that great as I expected. It was also quite unlucky of us that on the day we went there, it rained so hard. We bought a 400 yen umbrella but it broke later that day due to the strong wind. We found out through the news that night that the rain, at one point, became an ice shower! frozen onion head

The next two photos on the top row are from the Mugiwara store that sells One Piece merchandise and the Hachiko statue. Both are found in Shibuya. The 6th floor of Parco was full of anime goods but they were mostly of the same kind, so I hardly bought anything. It was still pretty cool, though!

That ice cream picture is from Kamakura. I love this place ’cause it wasn’t flooding with people, it had a beautiful scenery away from all the tall buildings and best of all, it had a soft serve stand almost at every block. The place is actually known for their purple sweet potato (murasaki imo) soft serve ice cream, so that’s what I ordered! full onion head

Embedded image permalink

For something sweet-potato flavored, I expected it to be sort-of weird, but it actually tastes good. Safe to say, it tastes as good as it looks. embarrassed1 onion headWe also visited the Kamakura Daibutsu which is that big buddha statue in the middle. I also got to buy fortunes and tie them in the temple. It was a very anime experience.

Lastly, the picture to the lower right is me at Akarenga. It was a nice place to do a bit of shopping. I bought my souvenirs there.

Speaking of stuff I bought, here are some of the neat things I got from my trip!!

Embedded image permalink

The first image is of a jar of konpeito, a blue keychain that resembles a candy, a popcorn necklace, and a new cellphone case!

I got the cellphone case from Pylones in Akarenga. It’s pretty cute ’cause it says TOKYOTO which is Tokyo + Kyoto. The design also shows that. The popcorn necklace is also super duper cute! ♥ embarrassed1 onion head The 3 stockings I got are adorable too, as you can see in the picture. Also, I was able to get some SnK merchandise. I really want to try wearing the Tattoo stockings soon.

Of course, I didn’t forget about the various kitkat flavors in Japan! I got Wa-Ichigo and Strawberry Cheesecake. The Wa-Ichigo is made with Tochiotome strawberries which is definitely only available in Japan.

Overall, this trip was highly exhausting but also fun-filled! I bought a total of 10 tights/stockings/leg wear. I also realized, however, that I prefer the country side more than the city. Maybe the next time I visit Japan again, I’ll be going back  to the hotsprings. relax2 onion head

Anyway, back to blazing hot reality in the Philippines. hot1 onion headSchool starts in a few days too. Ugh.



Reunions and Friendship

Last April 30, I met up with Geca! whistling onion headIt’s been a while since we had to catch up on each other without the distraction of having movie marathons. For this meet-up, we decided to return to where our friendship first blossomed. It was quite nostalgic the way we sat in Coffee Bean for 3 hours simply talking about each other’s lives and whatnot. The more we discussed, the more we got deeper and just like how it used to be, we were back to talking about existence, purpose, and other matters of the heart and mind we never really got to share to other people. It was therapeutic in a sense and I can say that I definitely missed the feeling. embarrassed4 onion head

After having the day well spent with her, I went home, took a shower and rested my head for another exciting day!

Yesterday, May 1, I went to the mall with my high school buddies! We celebrated Malcolm’s 18th birthday (despite it being a week late event). We watched the Amazing Spiderman 2, sang a little karaoke, took our first official photo at Kodak, ate greek cuisine at Cyma +++more!! I loved how despite not meeting each other for months or not keeping in touch with some of them online, we still had the same level of friendship. embarrassed1 onion head

I really like the film for the instax photo I took with Mary in the lower right corner of that collage. I haven’t used my instax mini since December because I keep leaving it at home when I go out. When I go to Japan next week, I’m gonna bring it for sure! I’ll also see if their decorated instax film is cheaper than it is here. ♥  I love, love, love them to bits!

Right now, I’m trying to draw this comic thing dedicated to them, but then I can’t get the lineart right. depressed2 onion head I’m not very happy with the first page but it’s the extent of my abilities. Maybe I should have gone for a different style.

The comic’s going to be about me and my flaws and how I’m super happy that despite all those, I have people I can call my true friends. ♥ It’s very sappy. I’ve drafted the whole thing already and it’s just 10 pages but I’m losing the motivation to draw the rest of the pages. bad atmosphere onion head //sighs

I’ll rest on this tonight. Hopefully, I’ll have a quicker, better way of doing things so that I won’t have to spend so much time figuring out how to outline just one panel.


To Be Inspired

And so I decided to draw a male character this time around…

Jack frost it is.

A lot of things can inspire or motivate a person. Today, I was inspired by a movie. It doesn’t have to be connected or related to whatever I needed motivation for. It’s just that seeing things that interest you may help you get out of a rut.

I, for one, am finally out of mine.cheer2 onion headNothing interesting has been happening in my life so far but I figured that I might as well blog about my mundane life as always.

On today’s episode of my life, I woke up at 1:30pm…again. This has been a recurring thing ever since summer began. It’s different from usual because what happens most of the time is that I wake up early some time around 8:00-9:00am and I decide to sleep again. Recently, however, I’ve been snoozing ’til past noon without waking up beforehand.

My body clock has definitely been messed up–oh, well.

Anyway this afternoon, I decided to download and watch Ruby Sparks. When it first came out in theaters last 2012, I thought of it as another mediocre chick flick with a cute but not-so-original premise. Since I had nothing else to do at the time, I chose to see this movie. After all, I did find the concept interesting and it had great reviews from critics and audience alike.

While watching the movie, I realized that it was more than I expected. It was cute, yes, but in addition, it also had a certain charm to it. It wasn’t just another cutesy romantic film because it had substance. There was something about Ruby Sparks (both the character and the movie) that drew me in. Now, halfway through the movie I decided to draw. I was somewhat inspired. I made a little sketch of Ruby Sparks on my iPad and originally, I had thought of transferring it to my pc and painting it too, but the idea died down after the movie ended. Overall, the film didn’t really leave an impact on me so much, but it was nice. innocent onion head

At least it helped me get over my art block and motivate me to do that Jack Frost piece up there. I also came up with an idea of a personal comic sort-of-thing. I’ve never done a comic before other than the ugly doodles of ideas on scratch paper, so I honestly have no idea how to start. Maybe one day I’ll get finally feel like doing this. Until then, I’ll keep the idea written on a notepad file, haha.

Another thing that it had inspired me to do is to write down this blog post. If you guys have noticed, the gaps between my blog entries are really big. That’s because I’m a very lazy blogger with nothing interesting to write about. I just hope to give this blog a little piece of my life as much as possible. It’s also nice to practice writing ’cause I know that I’m getting very rusty. There’s no proper flow in my entries, but hey, this is just like a public diary to me so grammar and syntax isn’t my priority.

I’m going to drink some tea now before going to bed. sleeping onion head Goodnight!♥





Fly to Tomorrow

“Where did she fly?”


It’s been a looooooooong time since I last made something. I just watched The Croods a few days ago (finally) after being persuaded by my close friend plenty of times. It was a really good film, and it had a lot of funny moments.

Anyway, the film inspired me to draw again, so I did a fan art of Eep, the heroine!

I hate painting/coloring trees. dead onion head My skills are definitely in need of practice, but I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.

Other than this artwork, I’ve been doing nothing lately. My summer’s going by so fast yet I’m taking things so slow. I just finished Community season 5 and have started watching Paranoia Agent, but that’s about it. The latter is very surreal, and although I do enjoy it, I’m not very much into it yet as I am with other anime.

To pass time, I’ve found myself eating snacks one after the other. It’s neither healthy nor is it something I really want to do. I’m just very bored. I’m trying to find something that would spark my interest again but so far, my heart’s still set out on Moral Orel which is the last thing I’ve seen that made a huge impact on me. I’ve also managed to convince Kathleen to watch it and she’s also done with it already!! embarrassed1 onion head


As you can probably see, I’m going nowhere with this post because I have no idea on what I want to say. My thoughts are scattered all over the place and I’m really just trying to write something because I have nothing better to do.

I just killed a mosquito.

Summer is the season for mosquitoes.

Okay I think this is long enough. bye1 onion head